Summer Day camps

Fun and active camps for ages 5-13+ years old

Our camps are centered around all of the gymnastics events, including vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline (including our new foam pit)! Since it is summer, we will have fun ways to cool down at the end of the day! We also incorporate a theme into our camps and have specialized art activities for the week including a movie each day that (mostly) fits the theme. We will be providing snacks in the middle of the camp in order to keep the kids energized and we encourage you to send your child(ren) with a packed lunch. We will watch the movie during lunch and the art activity!

Pricing for each camp:
1x day of camp: $90
2x days a week: $170
3x days a week: $250
4x days a week: $330

**Please contact the front office to fill out the waiver in order to participate in camp, payment is required in order to be signed up for camp. Limited space, so reserve your spot today!!**

Camp Schedule

June Camp: Outdoor Exploration
Come explore the different types of outdoor summer activities. A great way to kick-off summer vacation!

Tuesday 6/27 (Movie: Toy Story 4) 8:30am-2pm
Wednesday 6/28 (Movie: The Incredibles 2) 8:30am-2pm
Thursday 6/29 (Movie: A Bug’s Life) 8:30am-2pm

July Camp: Pirates and Mermaids
The mysteries of the sea! Come explore fun activities centered around pirates and mermaids!

Monday 7/10 (Movie: The Little Mermaid) 8:30am-2pm
Tuesday 7/11 (Movie: Luca) 8:30am-2pm
Wednesday 7/12 (Movie: CoCo) 8:30am-2pm
Thursday 7/13 (Movie: Turning Red) 8:30am-2pm

July Camp: Into the Jungle
Take an adventurous trip through the Jungle with us!

Tuesday 7/25 (Movie: The Jungle Book): 8:30am-2pm
Wednesday 7/26 (Movie: Strange World) 8:30am-2pm
Thursday 7/27 (Movie: Tarzan): 8:30am-2pm

August Camp: Under the Sea Adventure
Come explore the sea with us with different movies and activities centered around a sea adventure!

Monday 8/7 (Movie: The Little Mermaid ) 8:30am-2pm
Tuesday 8/8 (Movie: Finding Nemo) 8:30am-2pm
Wednesday 8/9 (Movie: Moana) 8:30am-2pm
Thursday 8/10 (Movie: Finding Dory) 8:30am-2pm

August Camp: World Adventure
Come discover different places in the world with fun interactive activities!

Tuesday 8/22 (Movie: Encanto) 8:30am-2pm
Wednesday 8/23 (Movie: Emperor’s New Groove) 8:30am-2pm
Thursday 8/24 (Movie: Raya) 8:30am-2pm