Fun and Fitness Program

The Gym-Nest Ltd. is proud to be the only gym in Oregon to offer the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program!


The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program is a non-competitive, recreational gymnastics program designed to help children define winning as “my personal best” as opposed to the traditional competitive definition of “being better than everyone else.”  By redefining winning to allow every student the opportunity to achieve a victory, self-esteem is raised and the gym environment becomes more positive.


Placement in the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program is based on a FREE trial class. These classes are done on an appointment basis and will be conducted before students are enrolled in on-going classes.


Bi-monthly skill checks will assist students and parents to track progressions based on the Fun & Fit level criteria.  The curriculum Poster Reward System has been developed to provide students with rewards and incentives for learning new skills and to provide parents a simple way to monitor the student’s progress.


The Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program allows The Gym-Nest Ltd. to continue providing the community with the best level of service possible!